The Grail

An International Women’s Movement

Our Spirit

Our Spirit

At the International General Assembly in South Africa held 2011, the following International Grail Vision Statement was approved:

We are an international movement and community of women of different cultures, social backgrounds, and generations.  We trust in the Spirit of God, Mystery and Source of Life.

We are called to create a sustainable world, transforming our planet into a place of peace and justice.
We acknowledge that we are a part of the whole of creation, striving to live simply and to nurture a culture of care for all the earth.

We are determined to look for signs of hope in a complex world.

We are strengthened by the compassionate energy and creative action of women.


Born in the Catholic tradition, the movement is grounded in the Christian faith and challenged by the radical call of the teachings of Jesus.  Today we are women of various traditions and on life-giving spiritual journeys, and we share the same Grail vision.  We recognize that in each of our Grail countries our expressions of faith, religion, and spirituality reflect our own realities and cultures.  We respect and acknowledge these differences.

Recognizing the global realities we confront, we are committed to growing together and learning from one another’s wisdom, experience and spiritual search.

Our Spirit has earlier been expressed in the Vision Statement of the Grail, Faith Message of the Grail and the Mission Statement of the Grail produced and approved by the International General Assemblies of 1979,1988,1993,1998 and 2006. These include the following extracts:

The vision of the International Grail is of a world transformed in love and justice, by the power of the Holy Spirit that moves in all that lives and through the commitment of women’s talents and energies.  It is a vision of hope and a work of faith.  It is a journey towards wholeness in the depths of human hearts, in cultures and in societies and in the universe.  Trusting the future to the Spirit of God and in communion with one another across time and space, we once again reaffirm in joy our desire to seek and labour for this new life of promise.