The Grail

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Spirituality Network

Spirituality Network

The world faces multiple challenges, especially an environmental crisis which poses a significant long-term threat. We believe in the ability to grow our spiritual consciousness, deeply grounded in communion with nature and nurtured through contemplative prayer. Our integrity and courage to act in the world depends on how connected and reconnected we are with the cosmos, with God and with our inner strength.  We aim to encourage one another by sharing our insights and experiences across cultures.


The Spirituality Network organizes programs for members and others working toward more shared contemplative life-style that can sustain our actions. Members participate in an email forum, sharing ideas, insights and resources. Recent encyclicals of Pope Francis, Laudato Si and Fratelli Tutti, inspire contemplation, internalization and, at the same time, engagement with the global crises and the pains of the world.
Currently, Spirituality Network members commit to meditate on the International Grail Vision Statement as a means to bring a contemplative spirit to our transformative work throughout the world. We invite those who share our vision to join us in reading the following statement daily followed by five minutes of silence.