The Grail

An International Women’s Movement

The Philippines

The United Nations declared 1970-1980 as the decade of women, and The Grail in the Philippines officially gained recognition in 1975. The pyramid of inequality of wealth, income, and opportunity in the country inspired our members to act. Over the years, our community played a big role in addressing significant issues and giving Filipino women access to opportunities.

Our Projects in the Philippines

  • Initiated Ecumenical Discussions on Different Aspects Concerning Women
  • Held Meetings With Urban Squatters’ Women to Help Them Gain Knowledge and Spiritual Awareness
  • Started Pagbubuo With the Donation of the Grail Coordinator Rebecca Nebrida
  • Provided Experiential Learning Experience for Women From Remote Islands
  • Expanded Preschools With Foreign Funding

With your help, we believe that we can do more. If you want to learn more about our activities in the Philippines, contact our team today.