The Grail

An International Women’s Movement

The Netherlands

The Netherlands

The Grail in the Netherlands started in 1921 to help Catholic laywomen spread faith in the world. Despite great diversity, our members of diverse religious backgrounds share a common vision. It is to find meaningful ways of expressing spirituality in action. Over the years, we have grown a community where we explore feminist spirituality, Christianity, and Zen Buddhism.

Welcoming Women With the Same Vision

The Dutch Grail movement welcomes women who:
  • Devote Themselves to a Just, Peaceful, and Sustainable Society
  • Embrace Celebration With a Central Place for Old And New Rituals and Symbols
  • Stimulate Each Other in Developing Everyone’s Talents
  • Make International and Intercultural Contacts
  • Enjoy a Life of Voluntary Simplicity

Our Projects in the Netherlands

  • Teaching and Coaching Various Topics
  • Getting Involved in Social and Pastoral Work
  • Making Actions Women Against Trafficking
  • Training for Spiritual Leadership
  • Helping Refugees
  • Supporting Workers in Africa

Learn more about our activities in the Netherlands by contacting our team today. You may also help us achieve our mission by donating or joining one of our international networks.