The Grail

An International Women’s Movement


The Grail in Sweden was formalized in 1993 into an association and was officially accepted as a full member of the international movement in 1998. Most of our team belong to the Lutheran Church or other protestant denominations, but we are open to women with diverse spiritual backgrounds and paths.
Our aims are in accordance with the Swedish rules for associations, which include the following:
  • To support the personal growth and development of women
  • To encourage the participation of women in the shaping of society
  • To foster international and intercultural cooperation between women
  • To deepen and renew the expressions of the Christian faith
  • To work to realize the vision of the movement from the perspective of societal needs

Our Group Activities

  • Sharing and Exchanging Experiences
  • Discussing Novels, Politics, or Theology
  • Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle With Bodily Exercises
  • Going for Retreats, Country Weekends, and More

To learn more about the projects of The Grail in Sweden, don’t hesitate to contact our team today. You may also help us achieve our mission by donating or joining one of our networks.