The Grail

An International Women’s Movement


The Grail in Portugal is part of our international Christian-inspired movement that aims to promote the participation of women in social and civil life. We believe that by giving them access to more opportunities, everyone can enjoy a life with meaning and quality. Together with other countries, ethnicities, and cultures, we address significant matters and create support programs.

Reordering the World Into a New Transparency

Yes, it is exactly that, yes!
The Grail is a space, a place, a territory, indeed
A rhythm, a breath, a strength
A foolish adventure
Towards the rising sun
We try to disorder the world
In order to reorder it into new transparency.
The question of compassion as the first question,
Poised before the Horizon, the Source.
The Grail asks for the right question in order to become visible.
That question will always be linked to compassion towards the world and the other.
An intelligent question open to the Spirit
Listening and feeling life,
Closing our eyes
In order to see.

From: “Roots of the future” performed at the 50th anniversary of the Grail in Portugal, 2008

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