The Grail

An International Women’s Movement


The Grail in Italy was constituted in the seventies with the aim to promote more active participation by women in social and ecclesiastical life. With our consistency in attaining our goals, we have become an Association of Social Promotion. Moreover, we maintain a network with other local associations to share our projects and vision. Today, our core belief is oriented toward religious research for the personal development of women, a healthy environment, and more.


  • Leading a Group on Biblical Research
  • Working With Non-Members on Topics Concerning Spirituality
  • Preparing a Group on Interreligious Dialogue With Immigrant Women

Our group contributes significantly to the Spiritual Network of The Grail with our broad study of mysticism and Christian spirituality. To widen our horizons, we participate in meetings with other religious organizations. If you want to learn more about our projects in Italy, you are welcome to contact The Grail Italy for more information.