The Grail

An International Women’s Movement



In a time of recession and political upheaval in 1932, The Grail in Germany was established and helped young women proclaim the Christian faith’s good news actively. Being part of an international youth movement, our work has been ended by the Nazi Government. Due to the verdict, our Dutch members had to leave Germany in 1938.

Led by Alberta Luecker, we started anew after World War II in 1945. Since then, our community has continued to make remarkable actions, bringing our competencies to groups of civil society. Some of our accomplishments include church renewal in social work and a project with migrants and children, in which we helped unfold their human and social capacities.


Monthy Meeting

Our members meet monthly to discuss topics including politics, society, economy, church, and more. We support each other and encourage responsible involvement, which brings an outlook of worldwide solidarity to the local situation.

Internationale Initiative Hochfeld

We founded this project and continues to be actively involved. It is located in Duisburg and works for and with migrant workers and their families.

Regular Programs

  • Working With International University Students
  • Meeting With Members for Advent and Pentecost
  • Participating in the Africa Day
  • Engaging in National Programs

We are dedicated to empowering women of all ages and searching for new ways of making a just and united world. With our commitment, we have inspired our members to participate in various activities of dioceses, parishes, NGOs, and task forces.

We invite you to participate in achieving our vision. If you want to donate or learn more, contact our team today