The Grail

An International Women’s Movement



Since 1921, we already have Belgian members who have joined The Grail. International participants from the US, Portugal, and the Netherlands moved to Brussels to work in European institutions and related organizations from 1998. Together, we formed a group sharing a common value of the movement.


The Grail in Brussels has facilitated programs for larger groups on the following:

  • Spirituality – Includes programs for Christmas, Lent, Easter, summer solstice, music and spirituality, and more
  • Interreligious Dialogue – Includes an interfaith women’s Seder with a female Rabbi, a visit to a Mosque, and a network for interreligious dialogue
  • Personal and Community Growth – Includes activities, which focuses on individual and social development
  • Socio-Political Themes – Includes programs on micro-credit, independence, and European citizenship. It also involves projects related to women trafficking and supporting anti-human trafficking organizations

Together, we can combat human trafficking and improve the lives of women and girls. Learn more about our mission today.