The Grail

An International Women’s Movement

The Grail Global Networks

Grail members are active locally, nationally and internationally.  Grail members also collaborate on issues through international networks.   These Global Networks are means of linking together Grail participants who are involved in specific areas of life or action which Grail members have identified as priorities for the Grail. Networks may be formed with national, regional or international participation.

(Grail International Council Manual, 2019)    

Grail Global Networks share the following goals:

  • to stimulate exchange on common concerns
  • to develop common goals for collective action which has global significance
  • to strengthen, and enlarge the scope of the work of Grail participants at the local level
  • to bring greater depth and dynamism to local analysis and planning

I am convinced that the Networks were created precisely to embody the mission of the Grail and make visible something that is very important and significant for our Movement, attention to the signs of the times, to the demands of the poor, to global social causes, to the cry of the earth and its original peoples, to the permanent search for justice, solidarity, the common good and well-being.”

Dilma Alves Rodrigues, Grail International Leadership Team, 2021

To join with us through our Networks, please contact:
The Grail Secretariat (iltsecr@thegrail.org)