The Grail
An International Women’s Movement

Earth Network

The devastating impact of environmental issues continues to grow worldwide. At The Grail Earth Network, we are committed to acting on climate-related concerns and working to make the planet healthier. It is our international priority to protect the earth, especially its vulnerable treasures, including the people.
Our dedicated members are working to educate others about the environmental crisis by sharing resources and experiences. In addition, we network with other organizations to influence policies from local to international. It is also part of our mission to encourage individuals to measure and limit their personal use of earth resources through ecological footprinting.

Addressing Environmental Issues

In order to achieve our goals, we invite you to join our network and work with us on the following biodiversity topics:
  • Climate Change
  • Water Privatization
  • Desertification and Drought
  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
  • Eco-Village Development
  • Eco-Spirituality
  • Native Species Planting
  • Environmental Legislation Lobbying
  • Genetic Engineering of Food and Seeds
  • Ecological Footprinting

Help us reduce unsustainable use of natural resources and protect the environment by joining our network. Contact us to learn more about the mission.