The Grail

An International Women’s Movement


The Grail member country entities are: Angola, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ecuador, Germany, Italy, Kenya, Mexico, Mozambique, Netherlands, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Philippines, Portugal, South Africa, Sweden, Tanzania, Uganda and USA. In addition to the twenty countries recognized as Grail entities, Brussels has a small Grail Group.

Each country has its own National Leadership Team (NLT) and its General Assembly or National Meeting. Occasionally, the NLTs of two neighboring countries meet with each other.


Additionally, there are Global Networks that are meant to connect The Grail participants who are involved in specific areas of life or action. At least once between assemblies, representatives of the active networks will meet with the members of the ILT in a forum.


Participation in the Grail

We believe that we can make our mission successful by effectively sharing our knowledge with others. For that reason, we allow women who share our values to take part. If you are one of them, you may join a local, regional, or national group. You can also participate in one of our global networks before deciding to become a member.
Together, we can transform the world into a place of peace and justice. Join us today to ensure the voices of women are heard loud and clear.