The Grail

An International Women’s Movement

Migrants and Refugees

The Migrants and Refugees Network expresses the Grail’s commitment to stand with the disinherited and exiled from their own land by working in different countries, with determination, hard work and solidarity. We give witness to the inhuman conditions that drive so many to leave their homelands in search of safe territory, with aspirations for a dignified life, for new possibilities for rooting, for growth and integral development, together with their families. We seek to address the discrimination, contempt, threats and humiliation that so many migrant and refugee populations face in receiving communities where they seek only safety and some measure of security. Inspired by the bravery and determination of those seeking a better life in new lands, we aim to bring a culture of care and affirmation of their humanity to our work for justice and protection on their behalf.

Network Goals

  • To share internationally how we see the Grail’s Mission in relation to this international situation;

  • To share studies and reflections, to critically analyze political decisions, and to share strategies more broadly;

  • To develop and share international projects about overcoming racism and xenophobia;

  • To commit ourselves to addressing issues of migration, refugees and xenophobia in our own different contexts, according to our own possibilities and resources.


  • Participating in a Migrant and Refugees network Email where they share and exchange ideas, information/documentation and projects.

  • Creating and sharing possibilities for analysis, reflection and meditation on the situation of migrants and refugees.

  • Developing resources in three languages to facilitate dialogue internationally.