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International Grail Network Forum

March 14, 2019

The International Grail Network Forum was held in Mexico City from February 26 through February 28, 2019. The forum included network coordinators, such as Mary Boyd of the Trade and Global Justice, Terri Carter of the Spirituality Network, Sarah Mabanja of the Earth Network, Ticha Vasconcelos of the Migration and Refugee Network, and Mary Kay Louchart of the Grail Link to the United Nations (GLUNN). In addition to the attendees were from the ILT, including Dilma Alves, Mary Heidkamp, and Maria Carlos Ramos.
Each network provided an inspiring and engaging report of their work, their network’s membership, and their needs going forward. It ended with a highly interactive conversation with Cristina dos Anjos Conceiçao, the coordinator for the 100 Years of The Grail Celebration to be held in Brazil in 2021. 
Rosaurora Espinosa, Victor Lara, Virginia Alvarado, and Maya Gallardo arranged the accommodations, transportations, and other needs at the forum. The Grail is grateful for the support that the team provided in making the forum a success.
Important subjects were discussed in the meeting, focusing on the following:
  • Affirmation of the Autonomy and the Spirit of the Networks
  • Role of Network Coordinators
  • Recommendations on How to Improve Communications and Interaction Among Networks
  • Network Input on the Upcoming 100 Years of The Grail Celebration
  • Proposal by Network Coordinators for the Upcoming IC Meeting
Grail International networks connect members from around the globe who share a passion for these specific causes. To learn more about a network or to join, please contact the network coordinators:
  • Mary Boyd: Trade and Global Justice
  • Patricia Gemmel: Spirituality Network
  • Sarah Mabanja: Earth Network
  • Ticha Vasconcelos: Migration and Refugee Network
  • Mary Kay Louchart: GLUNN
February 22, 2018

Delegates at The Grail IGA in Portugal last summer named “attention to climate change as one of the three priorities for the coming five years” (2017 IGA Report, 23). And as a way to focus The Grail’s attention on this issue, they called for the study of Laudato Sí, Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment, by all their members. Two international networks, Earth and Spirituality, were designated to design a process for the movement to study the encyclical. We have this publication available in English, Portuguese, and Spanish languages.

February 13, 2018

Global Justice on Overcoming Poverty (GJOP) January 2018 bulletin is out. A very interesting one indeed! Here writes Alison Healey:

“All the pieces in the bulletin are concerned with inequality this month. It is worsening – inequality, I mean – I hope not the bulletin.
May 2018 be the year when poverty, inequality, violence, and cruelty lessen and justice, solidarity, mercy, and peace increase and thrive.”

February 9, 2018

The ILT handover meeting will be taking place in Brasilia in Brazil, from 26th February to 14th March. The IFO will partly join the ILT members during this meeting. Many thanks to Dilma Alves and Mary Heidkamp, who have accepted to serve the International Grail in the ILT, and to Maria Carlos, who agreed to continue for another term. Zodwa and Marian, the valuable and tireless services you offered during the four years you have been ILT members, are recognized and appreciated by all The Grail members worldwide. No words can express our gratefulness. Thank you, obrigada, gracias!

September 6, 2016

2016 marks the 5th Anniversary of the International Day of the Girl. The Day of the Girl Summit wants to hear from girls (ages 13-18) about their inspirational stories about girl power! We are looking for stories told through art, pictures, poetry, songs, or videos that showcase the unique role girls play in our world. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the attached Call for Participation and IDG Consent form or pass it along to girls so that they may participate as well.

If chosen, your submission could be part of the United Nation’s Girls Speak Out 2016 event! All submissions will be featured on the Day of the Girl Summit website in their IDG2016 Webcast or Shoutout page!

Submissions and consent forms are due to idgsubmissions@gmail.com at 11:59 PM on Monday, September 12th! For any questions, contact Mary Kay Louchart via the International Grail Secretariat.

August 31, 2016

The report on the International Exchange, which took place in July 2016 in Europe, is now available.

Check out the resource paper GJOP “Out of Empire” by Alison Healey in October 2015.

December 26, 2014

Members who log in with their username and password now can access a special members area, where they will find member’s responses to what The Grail commitment means to them.

The theme of the June issue of 2014 is International Exchange in The Grail. The editor writes: “That includes attending international meetings and experiences in other countries, and working on an international team.” All issues of ‘Crossroads’ are available here.

In January of 2014, an international group of The Grail was given a warm welcome in Uganda, where they visited centers and projects and met many people. The report of this program contains photos and poems as well as a daily overview of activities.

March 3, 2014

On February 8, 2014, the incoming and outgoing International Leadership Team members met with The Grail in the Netherlands and talked about their experiences, hopes, and dreams.

Dutch Grail member Christa Anbeek, who recently became a professor at ‘Vrije Universiteit’ in Amsterdam, attended the meeting and talked about her work. Her book “Delivered unto the heathens, how theology can survive the 21st century” is made available here and under other documents publications.