The Grail
An International Women’s Movement


Historically, women have been confined to the house and have been taught the virtues of subordination. Jacques van Ginneken, a Jesuit priest, believed that women could make an immense contribution to the transformation of the world with better opportunities. He then formed a Catholic lay organization called The Women of Nazareth in 1921. It became a colorful movement involving young women in Holland, England, and Germany.
The Grail started in Germany in 1932, Australia in 1936, the US in 1940, Brazil and South Africa in 1951, Uganda in 1953, Portugal in 1958, and subsequently in Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria, Italy, Mexico, Canada, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Mozambique, Kenya, and Sweden. Members of the movement also work in Belgium, Belize, Cape Verde, Egypt, France, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Malaysia, and Zimbabwe.