Trade and Global Justice

The Trade and Global Justice Network focuses on global problems that call for global actions, strengthened by work in coalitions and alliances with other parties sharing the same vision. We aim to educate the public and raise awareness to transform unjust structures, giving priority to the following issues:

  • Trade agreements and negotiations in the World Trade Organization (WTO), as well as regional and bilateral agreements.
  • The actions of the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in relation to sustainable development and the elimination of poverty.
  • The burden of debt in many developing countries.
  • Economic globalization and privatization of public utilities and services with special emphasis on water.
  • Patenting life and genetic engineering of seeds.
  • Human trafficking.



Trade agreements top the list of issues members relate to because of their pervasive and destructive impact on people and the planet. Our participants work to raise public awareness of their destructive inadequacies, monitor negotiations, campaign on behalf of those affected, promote alternatives, and lobby for change. We also focus on the disparity and aberration of rights such as slavery, updates on human trafficking, exploited work such as child labor and expanding definitions of trafficking.

Common actions by individuals and groups within Network include: submissions, letters and visits to governments, protests, rallies, and marches, newspaper letters and editorials; public education meetings, involvement in coalitions, earth related actions, lifestyle choices, regenerative agriculture and community gardens.

A bi-monthly bulletin is provided to members to keep informed. In addition, network coordinators circulate more substantial resource papers on key issues and provide additional materials to participants on request.