The Grail of Paraguay was recognized by the International Grail in 2019.  We are a community of women who reflect spiritual and cultural diversity.  We are committed to promote and develop self-care and knowledge of women nationally, regionally and internationally.  After our official integration into the International Grail, we have been working to formalize our organization as well as our internal communication, operations and membership procedures.  We are developing our Strategic Plan for the five-year period 2022 – 2027 as well as establishing alliances with other organizations to enhance our human and financial resources.

Specific Objectives of Grail Paraguay

  • Create awareness
  • Build strategic alliances with potential allies, for actions, programs and/or projects in the municipal area of the city of San Lorenzo, such as municipal schools, child care programs, homes for adolescents and other NGOs.
  • Strengthen skills and abilities.
  • Strengthen spirituality.
  • Promote the spirit of service.