The Grail of Ecuador was welcomed into the International Grail in 2019.  We recognize ourselves as an inclusive group with diverse spiritual and ethnic roots.  We are focused on building a community of connection that is a source of unity and hope. We seek to strengthen a regional network and to grow in the Grail with a formation that respects, and gives visibility to, our Andean ancestral roots. We believe that the knowledge of our indigenous peoples needs to be vindicated.  From International interactions, sustainable community work alliances have been born to help our work in strengthening rural and indigenous community.

Projects and Activities

        • Sharing a community spiritual practice of Buddhist ZEN Meditation
        • Migrants and Refugees:  Women of the Humboldt Route Project
        • We work with the women of the Humboldt Route to build community emotional strength, applying various tools and resources utilizing Training for Transformation (TfT) and other Popular Education Methodologies, as well as community conversation and empowerment circles.
        • Climate Sustainability
        • Grail members in Quito visit periodically with Jambi Mascari members to visit indigenous communities, offer Alternatives to Violence Program (AVP) workshops and check the progress of the community gardens supported by the Grail in Italy and other donors.