The Grail of Angola was welcomed into the International Grail in 2019. Our community of approximately 30 members meets monthly to continue growing as a community in our knowledge of Grail history, participation and spirituality.


  • Participation in the International Grail Centenary, International Council and International Grail Assembly meetings.
  • Empowerment and solidarity program:

    This is a project to help refugee girls and women at the Nuns Reception Center of the Congregation of Perpétuo Socorro. The aim is to empower women from the Grail and beyond, with basic tools for self-sustainability, in the face of economic crises and the effects of the Pandemic. We intend to provide fundamental training in entrepreneurship, to help women to support themselves and gain independence and skills to help their families, the community and society. For example, we conducted a workshop on entrepreneurship in which women learned to transform waste paper into products.

  • Training regarding the Integral Training Project for girls
  • Pajama Night: Member gathering for a three-day transformative experience of spirituality, community, entertainment and culture.
  • Participation in the National Assembly of the Grail in Mozambique to learn more about the Grail in order to strengthen the Grail in Angola.