100 years of Empowering Women for World Transformation

The Grail is a global community of women from different cultures, social backgrounds and generations active in 21 countries.

Called by our spiritual values, we work locally, nationally and internationally to advance peace and justice, and to create a sustainable world.

What we do

To contribute to lasting solutions, we address critical issues that impact girls and women, especially the most vulnerable.

Global Justice and Solidarity

We are committed to developing strategic and effective approaches to meet the urgent cries for justice throughout the world.

Ecological Sustainability

We are committed to innovative ways of thinking, educating, acting and being that contribute to the survival of the planet.

Empowerment of Women

We are committed to challenge women, wherever they may be, to gather together and bring forth their unique gifts, creative energies and life giving powers.

Spiritual Search

We are committed to uncovering and celebrating the sources of Life that abide in the roots of our diverse spiritual traditions, and that inspires our collective work for transformation.


The International Grail is a recognized Non-Governmental Organization with consultative status at the United Nations as granted by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), since 1998.