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GJOP 2-01 -

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2017 October In-Depth Feature: Deep-Sea Mining Project Looms Over Papua New Guinea Vanuatu Has a Change of Heart On PACER-Plus

GJOP 7-01.pdf

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2017 January The TPP is dead: a Canadian perspective Aid in reverse:  how poor countries develop rich countries Ten things you need to know about TiSA

GJOP 7-02.pdf

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2017 March The free trade myth of added prosperity Corporate control No genetically engineered organisms in Africa San Diego sex trafficking industry: federal report

GJOP 7-03.pdf

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2017 May Pacific free trade agreement driven forward without two major island nations Is genetically manipulated (GM) crop production stagnating? NAFTA and its global implications Some wisdom ...

GJOP 7-05.pdf

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2017 September Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement: update Anti-fracking in Colorado: update Inter-school debating in East New Britain: a promising awareness-raising project The language of ...

GJOP 7-06.pdf

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2017 November North American Free Trade Agreement: Is the genie out of the bottle? European Union and African, Caribbean and Pacific nations: three significant decisions World Trade ...

GJOP 8-01.pdf

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2018 January The world is plundering billions from Africa each year The World Economic Forum, Davos: Inequality in 2018 World Trade Organisation 11th Ministerial Meeting, Buenos ...

GJOP Pacific Outlook Issue August 2017.pdf

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2017 August Gender & Politics Under Scrutiny in Papua New Guinea The Faces Behind the Fight: Why Climate Change is Personal Vale to a Pacific Island Climate Warrior

GJOP Pacific Outlook Issue December 2017.pdf

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2017 December Australia’s Dark Age Climate Policies Continue to Threaten the Pacific Fisheries Conservation from a Faith-Based Perspective

GJOP Pacific Outlook Issue July 2017.pdf

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2017 July An Update on PACER Plus – Where Do We Go from Here? Paga Hill Community Forcibly Evicted in the Lead-up to APEC 2018 Part 2 - Can Solar Power Give the Pacific a Brighter Future?

GJOP Pacific Outlook Issue March 2017.pdf

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2017 March Coal Comfort: Pacific Islands on Collision Course with Australia Over Emissions Taking on Papua New Guinea’s Logging Pirates European Commission Removes Solomon Islands 'Yellow ...

GJOP Pacific Outlook Issue May 2017.pdf

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2017 May Pacific Free Trade Agreement Driven Forward Without Two Major Island Nations Elevated Mercury Levels Found in Pacific Island Women Part 1 - Can Solar Power Give the Pacific a Brighter ...

GJOP Pacific Outlook Issue October 2017.pdf

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2017 October In-Depth Feature: Deep-Sea Mining Project Looms Over Papua New Guinea Vanuatu Has a Change of Heart On PACER-Plus

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