The struggle for women education

The major activity in Tanzania is education, the Grail Tanzania is engaged in training children on different levels, from preschool to higher education. In Rau in Moshi Town we provide education to young girls who have completed form four as well as those who have completed primary school and didn't get the chance to continue their studies. We also give short courses to the women of different levels who are interested in learning a certain skill. We teach them tailoring, knitting sweaters, embroidering, catering and computer skills, so they can earn their own income.We all know that to educate a woman is to educate the whole community or society.

We now started to build a high school in Mwanga district ‘St. Teresa of Avila’ we are aiming to help young women perform well in order to enable them to attend college after finishing. The only way we can overcome poverty in our region is education. We want to help women of every faith to get out of their own cocoon and be themselves: take courage to build up the Nation or society for the benefit of all.

We have several Grail members who are qualified as teachers and some are teaching in Government Schools. Others are still at school and more are longing to join the education field.

The team in Morogoro has started Bookshop, which is another way of educating women.

Other Grail activities in Tanzania

We have a tree and garden nursery where we sell trees and convince people to plant trees in order to preserve the environment which has been destroyed in many ways making many people and other creatures suffer. We also attend the Government meeting and present ideas on how to overcome the problem of drought and pollution to our country. Wherever the Grail members are present, people around them follow their ideas for example in composting, weeding, caring for animals and for the environment.

Some Grail members are dealing with youth and children, and we realize that the new generation needs to be introduced into the world of science and new technology.

Others work in a hospital and meet many different kinds of people. They bring light and hope to them, especially if there is little or no chance of recovery like for those with AIDS. Patients need to be cared for knowing that God loves them dearly.

Finally Grail members are doing administrative work and formation at the centres and the catechists with the tasks of taking care of the continuation of the Grail and teaching people the word of God. We all do those activities in the light of Christ knowing that He is among us to the end of time. Together we get energy from Him through Prayers, meditating on His word and Celebrating Eucharist as a core of our Mission.

History of the Grail in Tanzania

The Grail Tanzania was born in the year 1970, in Same Diocese, by the invitation of the prefecture of Same Rt. Rev. Monsignor Henricus Winkelmolen, who believed in female leadership in the church and appreciated the help of the Grail.

There were eight girls who joined the Grail formation that year 1970. The main effort was put in the formation. Now we are about 70 members.

  • 1976 - the first Grail members started - serving in the area of education and catechesis in Mamba Bwambo Parish; - training women as village midwife in the Same district hospital - teaching classes in women development at the diocesan office; - Moshi bookshop Grail members joined the team which was already there.
  • 1977 - the Grail opened pre-formation Grail Centre at Dido.
  • 1978 - the Grail Team Tabora – TMP bookshop.
  • 1978 - we started a team at Lembeni in education and health.
  • 1995 - the Grail Rau in the area of vocation and nursery school.
  • 1998 - the Grail Geita an education in the vocation school in the diocese.
  • 1998 - the Grail Morogoro in health, small bookshop and grail activities.
  • 1999 - the Grail Neema dispensary.
  • 2002 - CUEA University.
  • 2002 - the Grail Hekima socal centre – education and supervising.
  • 2003 - the Grail Lembeni B – veterinary and catechesis.
  • 2004 - individual member in Darida – primary school teacher, Rombo – education.
  • 2007 - the Grail Team Monduli – working on education.
  • 2007 the Grail Tanzania started building of St. Teresa of Avila Girls Secondary School in Mwanga.

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