History and background

The Grail in Sweden started informally as a group in the early 1990s and formalized in 1993 into an association. In 1998, the Swedish Grail was formally accepted as a full member of the international Grail. We are an association according to the Swedish rules for associations. According to our statutes, our aims are:

· to support the personal growth and development of women

· to encourage the participation of women in the shaping of society

· to foster international and intercultural co-operation between women

· to deepen and renew the expressions of Christian faith

· to work to realize the vision of the international Grail from the perspective of the needs in our society

Most of us in the Swedish Grail belong to the Lutheran church or other protestant denominations but we are open to women with different spiritual backgrounds and paths.


In the main, we are a reflection group, sharing and exchanging experiences, discussing novels, politics or theology, having celebrations and creative as well as bodily exercises. We also go for retreats, country week-ends and walking holidays together regularly. Being part of an international movement is important for our identity as Grail and we welcome international participation in our activities and retreats.

contact: kerstinjacobsson66 at gmail dot com

For information in Swedish, see also Gral dot nu


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