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The Grail movement was founded in the Netherlands in 1921 by a Jesuit priest who saw a role for Catholic lay women in spreading faith in the world, which offered a new choice beside raising a family or becoming a nun. Many young women joined in the early years, but after WWII the time of big youth movements was over and the number of members (including friends) in the Netherlands at the moment is around 60.

Since the 1970s the Dutch Grail has welcomed women of diverse religious backgrounds. The interest in meditation and in mysticism has grown, together with the interest in developing women led celebrations in which everyone present actively participates.

We are drawn together by a common vision. In spite of our great diversity, we share a longing to find meaningful ways of expressing our spirituality in action. We have grown into a community in which a lively and exciting exploration is taking place in the areas of feminist spirituality, Christianity and Zen Buddhism.

The Dutch Grail movement welcomes women who

  • devote themselves to a just, peaceful and sustainable society;
  • embrace celebration with a central place for old and new rituals and symbols;
  • stimulate each other in developing everyone's talents;
  • make and stimulate international and intercultural contacts;
  • enjoy a life of voluntary simplicity.

Twice a year we meet in a General Members Assembly to discuss matters regarding content, to make decisions and to encourage and inspire each other by celebrations. In between those times we see each other in smaller affinity groups, in committees and for programs.

Since 2003 we own the ‘Graalhuis’, a 17th century three story building at one of the canals in Utrecht, an old city in the middle of the country. This is now a meeting place for the annual assembly and the venue for programs offered to those who are interested. The international finance officer and the international administrative assistant have their offices here. There is no sleeping accommodation for program participants.

Themes in our programs are: inter religious dialogue and the multi cultural society, retirement, art (painting, film, literature) and spirituality, sacred dance, self compassion, shared meals, meditation.

Our members are actively involved in teaching, coaching, social work, pastoral work, justice, action against women trafficking, training for spiritual leadership, helping refugees (Amnesty International), supporting workers in Africa.

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