The Grail in Mexico took different paths and ways from the beginning. In the late sixties two Grail members from the US came to Mexico to attend meetings relating to their work at that moment. They contacted us informally and started to work with us in a variety of ways.

They already had some friends in rural areas through their profession or their religious/social/political interest. Together with them, we started to plan meetings with small groups of women in some of the Mexican states.

At some point friends from the US invited us to organize encounters with US girls to give them a taste of Latin American reality. We accepted the challenge and for several years we worked together with Cornwall staff annually, either receiving people in Mexico or preparing meetings in the United States. Those meetings were great eye openers for all of us, as they broke down our prejudices against people from some of the richest countries, cultures, economies. Afterwards we felt more connected with Grail life in its different stages of development.

The history of the Mexican Grail is connected in many ways to friends in the United States. Many years later (in 1988) they sent us a proposal to organize here in Mexico the first Intercontinental Meeting of Women of the Americas in 1992, which was a critical analysis of what happened in our Continent after European colonization, at all levels and in all scientific fields.

Our Grail group had obstacles to overcome after political domestic difficulties. We did different kinds of work and underwent all kinds of influences, BUT AT THE END HERE WE ARE.

Our national-local work is a treasure considering the diversity of our backgrounds and the different ways that are required to approach our diverse reality.

In 2007 we worked with young rural and urban women and with our Grail sisters to organize the first ‘Women of the Americas’ meeting with young women in Honduras. A real collective work. We will report about it in order to share the joy of working together for the Grail with our Grail sisters around the world.

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