Grail members in Australia are based in four regions: North Queensland, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Some members are connected to formal programs, but all members live Grail spirituality through their work, family and everyday lives. The Grail in Australia has one centre, ‘Avila’ in Sydney, New South Wales. 

The Grail in Australia is linked into networks with various concerns such as issues of justice, overcoming poverty, migrants and refugees, ecumenical and interfaith relations and the health of planet Earth. It is also involved in promoting spirituality and prayer, through seasonal programs, retreats and the weekly practice of Lectio Divina. The Sydney Grail Singers provide evenings of beautiful music, readings, reflection and prayer in the spirit of Holy Week, Advent and Christmas at the Mary MacKillop Chapel, North Sydney.

Projects of the Grail in Australia include:

  • Training for Transformation (TfT) – TfT is a particular focus for the Australian Grail based on Paolo Freire’s ideas for Community Development.
  • Gunawirra – Grail Spiritual and active support for a program which focusses on Aboriginal families with children from birth to school age.
  • Annual National Retreat coinciding with the Feast of All Saints.
  • Ecumenical and Interfaith Dialogue
  • Advent and Lenten programs
  • Seminars on Current Issues - eg. Inside – Outside: Prison and the Spirit (2012)
  • Food for the Soul – Lectio Divina
  • New Women’s Program
  • Global Trade Agreements
  • Global Trafficking in Women
  • Currently the Australian Grail is supporting women in Papua New Guinea in implementing TFT in their own communities.
  • The Australian Grail also offers ongoing support for the development of Grail women in Papua New Guinea.
  • The Grail Singers


  • Newsletter
  • In House
  • Network Bulletin – Global Justice Overcoming Poverty
  • National Centre: ‘Avila’, 22 McHatton St, North Sydney, NSW, 2060.
    Email: grailsydney at ozemail dot com dot au


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