Lien (French word for link) is a network of young professional women who share their ideas and experiences, reinforcing the cultural and spiritual dimensions of European exchanges. They hope to contribute towards more quality of life in all the sectors of society in which they are situated. Lien started in 1989 with a few young women from different countries drawn together by Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo and Kerstin Jacobson. Gradually the network linked together women in 25 European countries, through written communication, small face to face meetings and summer programs.

Lien is a movement on the margins of the Grail, an initiative without clear-cut frontiers between Grail and not-Grail, in-group and out-group, between Grail participants and other young women. New efforts and endeavors in a marginal position to the structures play a crucial role in challenging the institutional dimension of an organization like the Grail.

In 2001 Lien has widened its scope by organizing the Grail World Congress in Portugal on ‘Professional life and Societal Change.’ Since then the Network has been working to organize a Pan-African meeting of younger professional women. There are international LIEN meetings about every year; there are LIEN groups in Porto, Lisbon, Brussels, Stockholm and Milan.



We are in the process of looking for a new contact person for this network.

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