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New Earth Network Coordinator

Sarah Mabanja from Kenya has been named the new coordinator of the Grail Global Network on concerns of the Earth. Anyone interested in being part of the communication and exchange within this Network (water, energy, sustainability, climate change, biodiversity, etc) should contact Sarah directly at this email address: mabanja83 at yahoo dot com

Grail members as well friends are eligible to participate in the Network

August 2016

In an effort to renew the international Earth Network, Grail members and others involved in action toward sustainability of the earth are invited to participate. This is a continuation of the work that Marilyn Aitken and Sibongile Mtungwa started many years ago which has resulted in shared information on concerns related to earth, ecology, biodiversity, and climate change.  The network is looking for a small core team of people to help define the scope of work, goals, and focus, and a wider membership of Grail members and others, at least one from each Grail country, to participate.  
The network will explore what participants are doing share resource information among participants, utilize Crossroads as a means of communication, collaborate with other networks on resources and issues of overlapping concern, determine if there are specific actions that could be taken, and facilitate participation in UN and other international events.  As a beginning, the network is facilitating the sharing with Grail groups internationally, of a film produced in Australia on Creation Spirituality .
If you wish to join, contact Mary Lu Lageman      mlageman at grailville dot org
11 July 2015

Earth, Ecology, Bio-diversity
Climate Change


Wangari Maathai won the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize honouring the work of her Green Belt Movement in Kenya and other parts of East Africa. Her words encapsulate our vision for the Earth Network: “All of us have a God in us, and that God is the spirit that unites all life, everything that is on this planet. It must be this voice that is telling me to do something, and I am sure it’s the same voice that is speaking to everybody who seems concerned about the fate of the world, the fate of this planet”. “The privilege of a higher education broadened my horizons and enabled me to focus on the environment, women and development in order to improve the quality of life of people”.


Healthy spirituality and a good environment are inextricably connected; if one is degraded and destroyed, so is the other. Originally people lived in rural areas and had respect for their environment, life as a whole and for themselves. But modernisation, city life and technology have caused alienation between people and the earth resulting in spiritual crisis. Work to protect this endangered planet and especially its vulnerable treasures of biodiversity (including its various peoples) was affirmed internationally as a Grail priority many years back and was again emphasised during the International Network Forum in 2004 when the Earth Network was launched.

Many of us are working very hard to educate people about environmental issues. The Earth is calling us to consolidate our efforts by sharing our resources and experiences, lobbying and networking with other organisations to influence policies in our local areas, countries, regions and internationally. The Earth depends on us to work for the survival of all species, including the Human one.

We invite you to join our Network and work with us on any one or more of the following Biodiversity and Earth issues:

  1. Environmental Education. The Three Principles of the Universe; The New Story of Creation
  2. Issues relating to Biodiversity and biomes such as grasslands, wetlands, forests.
  3. Climate Change
  4. Corporate Privatization of essentials – water in particular
  5. Desertification/water shortages
  6. Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy
  7. Developing an Eco Village/ Eco House
  8. Eco Spirituality and Native Wisdom in the Grail
  9. Plant only native heritage species. Look gift horses of exotics in the mouth/ don’t trust them,Green the Earth.
  10. Lobbying for Environmental Legislation and Environmental Interventions.
  11. Genetic Engineering of our Food and Seeds
  12. Ecological Footprinting

Ecological Footprinting

Network members have already done work on the Ecological Footprinting issue. It is very ambitious and broad. Don’t let it frighten you away from tackling some of the other issues. Network members have already done work on the Ecological Footprinting issue. It is very ambitious and broad. Don’t let it frighten you away from tackling some of the other issues.

Goal - Become aware of the size and depth of our FOOTPRINT on the earth. How much of earth resources does it take to keep us in the style of life we are presently living?

  • A project for each person – her personal use of Earth Resources
  • A project for each centre – our collective Grail use of Earth Resources
  • A project which can be extended to each level of community if desired.
  • A project which can extend to the huge footprint of corporate/military/industrial/consumer domination.
  • Learn about the larger effects of what our village, country and other groups we are involved with consume.
  • Can be a focus for continuous study and conscientization by many groups.
  • This can be done on any scale and is a workable entry route toward enkindling the desire for more sustainable living globally. There are tools, books and internet aids to give further resources to conduct this educational and spiritual assessment of our use of God’s gifts.
  • For those who use little of the Earth Resources, it can be a sense of pride and accomplishment, encouraging them to continue and spread simple and economical ways of living. They can teach those who use more how to walk more softly on the earth.
  • For those whose footprint is large, this inventory can educate them and encourage them to use less and to use what we now have, humbly and wisely, for the good of all: Sharing so that there is more equitable distribution of resources.

Chat Groups

We suggest establishing Internet Chat Groups on the subjects mentioned in the introduction or any others that people would like to be involved in. We have a lot of material on some of the topics that can be used to get chat groups going.

See Newsletter COP17 for the Grail's involvement with climate change.


  • Sarah Mabanja, Kenya: mabanja83 at yahoo dot com

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