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In december of 2015 anew blog site has opened: https://grailspiritualitynetwork.wordpress.com/

In 2015 we will be enlarging our international Spirituality Network. This is in response to the many challenges of the times we live in, but most especially the environmental crisis which poses such a threat to us all.  What we need in our times is a new spiritual consciousness, deeply grounded in communion with nature and nurtured through the practice of contemplative prayer.  It is our hope that in sharing our insights and experiences across cultures we will be able to encourage one another to take seriously the responsibility of transforming our minds and hearts for the sake of the earth, on whose flourishing the whole of humanity depends.

Patricia Gemmell 21 July 2015

Theology and Spirituality 

In the summer of 2007 the Grail organized an international Spirituality Forum in Portugal with the following program.

In 2009 the Txintxa process has started. All the information concerning this process is available for members under the tab Theology and Spirituality. You need to Login to have access to the private contents. If you do not have a login please contact your National Leadership Team.


Other Activities

In June 2009 the Grail in Sweden organized a Grail Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela.

In May 2010 the Grail in Sweden organized a retreat in the "Monasterio Cisterciense de Santa María de Sobrado". Some movies, poems, photo's, songs and comments can be found here.

of the spiritual forum and the retreat in 2010 are available for downloading.


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