Global Justice Overcoming Poverty

Global Justice Overcoming Poverty defines a major area of Grail mission in today’s world. It is a context for the wide variety of individual and collective actions of Grail members as they discern what is most needed and possible in their different locations and circumstances.

To achieve better coordination and effectiveness, two international networks focusing on Justice and Trade Agreements and Human Trafficking have formed, currently involving 120 participants in all continents who are committed to on-going action for justice in these grave areas of concern. The actions Network members take may be individual or communal at local, national or international levels or a combination of these. Their aim is education of the public, leading to awareness and action to transform unjust structures and situations. To these ends they work in coalitions and alliances with other groups and persons sharing the same vision.

The coordinators of these two networks jointly produce a monthly GJOP Bulletin that provides Network members with interesting and vital information and updates on a wide range of issues related to their involvements. The Bulletin is 4 pages in length and consists of clear, succinct and referenced articles covering such topics as:

  • trade agreements and negotiations in the World Trade Organisation (WTO), as well as regional and bilateral agreements;
  • the actions of the World Bank (WB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in relation to sustainable development and the elimination of poverty;
  • the burden of debt in many developing countries;
  • economic globalisation and privatisation of public utilities and services (water has been a special emphasis);
  • patenting life and genetic engineering of seeds;
  • human trafficking.

Justice and Trade Agreements

Participants of this Network are aware of the enormous impact of trade agreements bound by WTO rules on the well-being of people throughout the world and on the future of the planet itself. The so-called ‘free-market’ rules of the WTO take no account of labour rights, cultural rights, rights of access to common resources, nor protection of the environment. Network participants, therefore, work to raise public awareness of the destructive inadequacies in such trade arrangements. They monitor negotiations, campaign on behalf of those who suffer under agreements dominated by the rich and powerful, propose alternatives and lobby for change. In addition to the GJOP Bulletin referred to above, the coordinators of this network circulate more substantial Resource Papers on key issues from time to time and provide other additional material to participants on request.

Participation in the Network is not restricted to Grail members. Anyone interested is invited to contact one of the Coordinators:

  • Alison Healy, Australia: grailsydney at ozemail dot com dot au
  • Mary Boyd, Canada: maryboyd at live dot ca


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