Participation in the Grail is flexible, allowing women who share Grail values to join in the life and work of the Grail to varying degrees at different times. They may join a local, regional or national group or participate in one of the Global Networks before they decide to become a member.

Each country has its own National Leadership Team (NLT) and its General Assembly or National Meeting. Occasionally the NLT’s of two neighbouring countries meet with each other.

An International General Assembly (IGA) takes place every five years. Representatives chosen in each country meet together with the International Leadership Team and the Network coordinators.

The International Council, which consists of one representative from each country, meets about every 18 months in between the IGAs to survey and evaluate the implementation of the decisions of the IGA, to prepare the next IGA and more.

Global Networks are means of linking together Grail participants who are involved in specific areas of life or action which have been identified by an IGA as important for the Grail. At least once in the period between Assemblies representatives of the active networks will meet with the members of the ILT in a Forum.

The latest Grail Global Network Forum took place at the same time as the International Council meeting in November 2008 in the Netherlands. Both groups conducted their own meetings and included time for exchange and interaction around an agreed agenda.

The International Leadership Team offers a creative stimulus and fosters continuity of development at the international level in line with the decisions of the IGA.


See events for planned meetings.

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