Spirituality as the Center of our Life Together

Spirituality remains at the very heart of who we are as an international movement. At the International General Assembly in September, 2011, we adopted a vision statement.  What follows is an excerpt from that document.  


“Born in the Catholic tradition, the movement is grounded in the Christian faith and challenged by the radical call of the teachings of Jesus. Today we are women of various religious traditions and on life-giving spiritual journeys. We recognize that in each of our Grail countries, our expressions of faith, religion and spirituality reflect our own realities and cultures. We respect and acknowledge these differences.”


We are engaged in ongoing dialogue and reflection about faith, religion, spirituality, spiritual expression.  It is a dialogue reflected in a process called Txintxa (moving forward – Mozambican concept) in which all Grail groups in every country have reflected on some common papers.  Themes have included women in early Christianity, culture and spirituality, inter-religious dialogue.  

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