Network against Human Trafficking

New Anti-Trafficking Network Coordinator
Patricia Foito e Camisao from Brussels has been named the new coordinator of Grail Anti-Trafficking Network efforts. Patricia currently serves also as one of three Grail members on the Board of UFER. She replaces Elly König from the Netherlands, who has served as coordinator in the past. Most of the work of the Grail internationally to fight human trafficking recently has been carried by its involvement in UFER
July 2016


Ton Brouwer and Elly Koenig work in collaboration with the Dutch Foundation of Religious Against Trafficking of Women (SRTV) bringing with them a network of 18 Grail countries. Since the IGA in 2006 there has been at least one contact person in each Grail country who was asked to find out if trafficking of women and girls is taking place in her country. If her country is one where victims come from, a country of destination or a country of destination and/or transit like in the Netherlands. Many of them have been active since then by sending their findings to Ton who published it in the monthly GJOP Bulletin (Global Justice Overcoming Poverty) and in Crossroads to inform the whole Grail.

There is a growing awareness that trafficking of women is taking place all over the world. Prevention is very important. There are information leaflets available in 49 different languages and one with pictures for illiterates. There is more material available for whoever wants to get more information. It can also be downloaded from internet:
The Human Trafficking Network sends the latest news to each issue of the bulletin Global Justice Overcoming Poverty (GJOP).


  1. Continue Network against Human Trafficking
  2. Growing awareness of Human Trafficking and prevention
  3. Interaction with contact persons in different Grail countries
  4. Future: we hope to help victims of women trafficking to repatriate to their home country through mediation of the Grail.

Let us put our strength together in the struggle against Human Trafficking.

Coordinator and contact person:

  • Patricia Camisao, Brussels: pcamisao at gmail dot com


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