Sobrado 2010 poems comments

“Come with me.

See! The winter is past;

the rains are over and gone.

Flowers appear on the earth;

the season of singing has come.”

(Song of Songs 2:11)


"May the road rise to meet you

May  the wind be always at your back

May the sun shine upon your face

May the rain fall softly on your fields

And till we meet again

May God hold you in the palm of his hand"

(Farewell prayer)


If we have prayed only for what was possible
and hoped only for what we could see;
Kyrie eleison.

If we have only thought of us waiting on you
and never pondered how you wait on us;
Christe eleison.

If we have have prayed "Holy spirit, ttransform and sanctify us"
and not expected the Spirit to change our lives;
Kyrie eleison.

(Prayer from the Swedish service)


the water

One can hear the bells of the Monasterio, the birds and the water. Three very strong presences during the Retreat.


A walk, at  the end of the day, in the Monasterio's gardens.

"Love is like a ring" song 





Nature Monastery
Voices of Grailwomen and
Cistercians monks renewing traditions




{vsig_c}0||Sobrado 2010|{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|0.JPG||Flowers appear on the earth{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|1.JPG||25 of April, the day of the Portuguese revolution{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|2.JPG||Song of Songs 2:11{/vsig_c}




{vsig_c}0|32.JPG||       Refreshing in the river (Charlotte- Sweden){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|3.JPG||Come with me{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|13.JPG||Walk on the Monk's private Garden (guide: Father Carlos Maria){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|10.JPG||The chapel where the prayers with the Monks took place{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|9.JPG||View of the Monasterío{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|29.JPG||      Inside of  the Monasterio{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|25.JPG||The season of singing has come{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}0|35.JPG||                                  Camino de Santiago{/vsig_c}


{vsig_c}1||The participants - Sobrado 2010|{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|4.JPG||Kerstin and Bibi (Sweden) and Teresinha (Portugal){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|7.JPG||Morning prayer{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|5.JPG||Marijke and Fátima (Portugal) and Ninni (Sweden){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|11.JPG||Maria and Marita (Germany){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|21.JPG||Anna-Maria (Sweden){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|15.JPG||Fathers Carlos Maria and Carlos (Monks){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|16.JPG||Bibi, Ninni and Charlotte (Sweden) - Swedish Lutheran Church{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|17.JPG||A Grail mass{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|12.JPG||Bibi (Sweden), Father Carlos Maria (Monk) and Fátima (Portugal){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|27.JPG||Elise (USA){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|8.JPG||Charlotte (Sweden) and Audrey (USA){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|18.JPG||Bibi and Ninni (Sweden) "and Mary Magdalene."{/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|20.JPG||Manuela and Teresinha (Portugal){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|22.JPG||Anna (can't see the face) and Kerstin (Sweden) and Eva (USA){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|23.JPG||Mariana (Portugal) and the guitar (Spain){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|26.JPG||Paula and Mariana (Portugal){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|34.JPG||       Paula (Portugal) and Bibi (Sweden){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|33.JPG||       Pilgrims resting: Teresinha (Portugal) and Kerstin (Sweden){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|37.JPG||Gunda (Germany){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|20.JPG||Bibi (Sweden) leads us in a iota-cross meditation (from the Coptic Orthodox tradtion){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|21.JPG||Bibi (Sweden) leads us in a iota-cross meditation (from the Coptic Orthodox tradtion){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|24.JPG||Bibi (Sweden) leads us in a iota-cross meditation (from the Coptic Orthodox tradtion){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|36.JPG||Bibi (Sweden) leads us in a iota-cross meditation (from the Coptic Orthodox tradtion){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|37.JPG||Bibi (Sweden) leads us in a iota-cross meditation (from the Coptic Orthodox tradtion){/vsig_c}

{vsig_c}1|38.JPG||                                  Teresinha, Mariana and Paula (Portugal{/vsig_c}

I am grateful for the company on the walk of life, for new and old Grail friends as well as the community of brothers, and the steps we have taken together this week.
I have experienced the combination of silence and sharing, and have enjoyed the atmosphere in the monastery and the beauty of the surroundings. This is a place of rest as well as joy.


This shared experience of our friendship, our being called together in our mission to a walk torn by divisions will continue to be a source of joy and strength. The welcoming community of Monks was and remains an inspiration! Thanks to all and to God!



The silence has helped me to hear what is important in life: in my life, in the life of the Church and in Society.



I appreciated most the short talks and discussions and a lot of quietness during the week.



The power of the transcendent in the pacification of the soul.



I have had a wonderful week with discussions, meeting new and old friends and also the silence and rest. i loved the walks in the lovely surroundings and the feeling of openess and warmth from the brothers.



Sobrado in Galicia - the green heart in Nord Spain!
24 Trappist-Monks: Prayer - Work - Silence - Openess - Generosity
18 Grail women from Sweden - USA - Germany - Portugal: visions can we live, when faith and trust (confidence) are strong enough and solidarity put into action.

Maria Schwab

I carry with me a deep experience from Sobrado that ecumenism or the unity between people and churches is not something that we create. It was always there. We just need to rediscover it.



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